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k - Free Printable Lower Case Alphabet Template

Use for Handmade Cards, Scrapbooking, Word Books and Other Projects


Free Printable k Template

Free Printable k Template

Kate Pullen

This simple printable lower case alphabet is available in both jpg and png formats (for more information about the difference between jpg and png files see jpg and png comparison). Download the files to your computer and resize the images to fit in with your project design. These large bold letters are ideal for decorating with rubber stamps or, for a quick card handmade card, cut the letter from decorative or scrapbooking paper and attach to a card blank. These letters are also perfect for making word books.

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For an upper case version of this alphabet see - Free Printable Upper Case Alphabet.

More information about using high resolution printable sentiments in handmade cards and scrapbooking projects see - How to Use High Resolution Printable Images.

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