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Basic Box Template for Customizing


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Basic Box Template for Customizing
Basic Paper Box

Basic Paper Box

Kate Pullen

This is a basic box template that is ideal for customizing. This box is as basic as they come - however this is what makes it so good for decorating and customizing. The template has been used to make the simple gift box above - however take a look at the next page to see what a few embellishments can do!

The box can be customized in a number of ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Decorate the box with rubber stamps. It is best to stamp the box before it is folded.
  • Attach a photograph to the front of the box to give it a really personal feel.
  • Use these boxes to contain party or wedding favors. Decorate the box so it matches other decorations or decorative themes.
  • Add a flap to one end of the box.
  • Make 25 of these boxes and number each one from 1 to 25. Hang these from a ribbon and use as an advent calendar or as a count-down calendar to any special occasion.
  • Use old calendars or other unwanted materials to make these boxes. These can then be decorated further using rubber stamps and inks in an 'altered art' style.
  • These boxes are perfect for using as the base for simple paper toys. Add features and arms, legs and other embellishments to make your own custom paper toy!
See Page Three for the template.
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