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Free Pocket Card Template
pocket card

pocket card

Kate Pullen

Use the on the next two pages to make this pocket card. This is a versatile card. Use the pockets to present money or gift cards. Pocket cards are also a great way to share photos or other keepsakes.

The simple construction means that there is lots of scope for adapting and varying the design. The pockets are made from a single piece of paper and attached to the inside of the card. Use a complementary colored paper or use a piece of scrapbooking or decorative paper to make the pockets a real feature of the card.

How to Make a Pocket Card

  1. Print the template on the next two pages onto your chosen paper or cardstock (or print onto scrap paper and transfer this to a piece of cardstock)
  2. Cut around the template and score along the fold lines, this will give a good crisp edge
  3. Stamp and decorate the card and pocket as required
  4. Use glue or double sided adhesive tape to attach the pocket to the inside of the card
  5. Add further embellishments as desired

Tips for Making a Pocket Card

  • Use a thick or heavyweight card to give strength to the pocket card - this will make a more robust card that will make a great keepsake
  • Use a photocopier to adjust the size of the template to make larger or smaller versions of this card
  • Use a piece of ribbon to tie the covers of the card together

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