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Free Printable 2013 Digital Stamp Calendar


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2013 Free Digital Stamp Project
January 2013 Digital Stamp Calendar

January 2013 Digital Stamp Calendar

Kate Pullen

We have a range of different 2013 calendars that are free for you to download. This is our digital stamp version and has been designed specifically for your digital scrapbooking and digital stamping projects. This calendar has been saved in a png format, at a high resolution, which means that you can layer it with other digital projects without having to worry about clipping the calendar and that it will give excellent printed results.

This 2013 digital stamp calendar is perfect for using in many different projects. Save all twelve months and make calendars as gifts for family or friends. Alternatively, just select single pages and use them to make special scrapbook pages or handmade cards to mark a specific occasion. The basic calendar can be decorated with rubber stamps, digital stamps, photographs and much more, allowing you to create a totally customized calendar.

How to Download and Save the 2013 Digital Stamp Calendar

Downloading and saving this, and our other calendars, is simply! Just click on the page that you want to save, this will open the full size image (you may need to click twice depending on the browser that you are using). When the full size image is shown, right click and save this to your computer. When you are saving the calendar, whether it is a single page or all 12 months, make sure that you save the calendar in a folder where you will find it again easily.

Ideas for Using this Calendar

This calendar can be used in a variety of different projects. You can create a striking calendar by simply adding a bold header which displays the name of the month. There are a set of free printable month headers available here - Free Printable Month Headers. This 2013 free digital stamp will also make a great cd case calendar. If you are unsure how to make a cd case calendar then check out this tutorial - CD Case Calendar Tutorial. This digital stamp calendar can also be used as part of a design featuring other digital stamps. You can quickly and easily create a theme for each month of the year. We have a wide selection of free digital stamps for you to download and use in your calendar making projects as well as to create handmade cards, scrapbook pages and much more. Our free digital stamps are available here - Free Digital Stamps.

January 2013 is available on this page and you will find each consecutive month on the following pages. Copy and save the entire year or just as single month. Enjoy!
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