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Printable Recipe Card Card Template


Printable Recipe Card Template
Free printable recipe card for customizing and decorating with rubber stamps

Free printable recipe card for customizing and decorating with rubber stamps

Kate Pullen

These free printable recipe card templates are perfect for recording your favorite recipes. We have 5 x 3" recipe cards (4 per page) and 6 x 4" recipe cards (2 per page) for you to print.

These printable recipe card blanks have space at the top for customizing and decorating with your favorite rubber stamps. Recipe cards also make great gifts. Simply write some of your favorite recipes onto these templates and customize with rubber stamps and other decorations. Add a few words about why these recipes are special to you and this will make a thoughtful and personal gift.

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How to Print the Recipe Card Templates

These recipe card templates are in pdf format files. Simply click on the link below to open the pdf file and then select 'print' to print the cards onto paper or card.

Tips for Making a Recipe Card

  • Use a thick or heavyweight card, this will make a more robust card that will make a great keepsake
  • Rub colored ink around the edges of the card to help to color coordinate the recipes, for instance use a green ink for vegetable recipes or yellow ink for dairy recipes.
  • Decorate the back of the card or use this to add a few extra words or tips about the recipe
  • Make a box or envelope to store the recipe cards

More Free Printable Templates

Here is a selection of free printable templates for you to enjoy! Don't forget, you can add digital stamps to templates and this is a quick way add decoration to the finished item.
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