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Free Russian Doll Template


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Free Russian Doll Template
Free Russian Doll Template

Free Russian Doll Template

Kate Pullen

Use this free Russian doll template to make unusual greeting cards, banners, gift cards and more! The simple doll template is broken down into separate pieces making it a good paper piecing project and an ideal way to use up odds and ends of paper and materials from other projects.

How to Use the Free Russian Doll Template

The template is easy to use. Simply print the template onto paper and use this to cut shapes from pieces of paper. Any paper can be used. Decorative scrapbook papers are ideal and your own custom designs can be created by stamping onto plain paper to make the Russian doll's clothes. Two face options are provided, as well as a blank face for you to add your own features. There is also a choice of headscarf options.

The free printable Russian doll template is available on the next page. For ideas for using this Russian doll template see this gallery - Russian Doll Ideas

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