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Free Small Favor Box Template


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Free Small Favor Box Template
Small Favor Box - Finished

Small Favor Box - Finished

Kate Pullen

This is one of a series of small favor box templates. For other templates in the series see - Small Favor Box Templates.

Use the free printable template on the next page to make this small favor box. This box is made from a single piece of paper. Either print the template directly onto paper or print it onto scrap paper before transferring this to quality paper.

This favor box has room at the front and back for a small stamped image, such as a sentiment. It would also look great made from scrapbooking or decorative paper.

The photo above shows a favor box that I made using this template. I emphasized the construction by using marker pens to color the segments of the box in different shades. I also dotted glitter glue around the edges to add extra sparkle and interest.

Tip: To stop the fold lines showing use the reverse side of the template as the 'right' side.

While the construction of this box is relatively straight forward, it always a good idea to make an example with scrap paper first before using quality paper. This also allows you to try different decoration ideas.

Have you used this template? If so, why not send us a photo of how you've used it. Use this form to send us your photo - Reader's Photos

How to Make a Small Favor Box

  1. Print the template on the next page
  2. Cut around the template and score along the fold lines, this will give a good crisp edge
  3. Stamp and decorate the paper as required (it is easier to do this before assembling the box)
  4. Assemble the box, securing the front and back by joining the edges together at the cut marks
  5. Close the box either by adding glue or double sided tape to the top edge or punch a hole and tie ribbons or a bow for a more fancy finish
  6. Add further embellishments as desired

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