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Template to Make an Easy Ornament for Rubber Stamping


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Template to Make a Card Globe Ornament
Finished ornament

Finished ornament

Kate Pullen
These simple globe or ball ornaments have long been popular with crafters all over the world. They are a great way to create your own special ornaments and are so easy to vary and adapt. Decorate cardstock with rubber stamps and add embellishments such as metallic embossing powder, glitter glue or stick-on jewels. Make these ornaments that match other decorations or color schemes. Add a photograph or a piece of old greeting card to make a lovely memento.

These ornaments are simple to make from circles of paper. If you don't have a access to a cutting machine or large punch, use our template on the next page with handy folding marks. Resize the circles on a printer or copier as required. Our template saves having to mark out triangles or squares which can be fiddly.

Ornaments can be created in a number of shapes and sizes.

Ornament Projects Using this Template
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