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Printable PDF ATC Template - Make Your Own Artist Trading Cards


PDF Printable Blank ATC Template for Artist Trading Cards
Make ATC cards to swap with friends using these free printable pd templates.

Make ATC cards to swap using these free blank printable ATC templates.

Kate Pullen

Use this blank ATC template to make your own artist trading cards. These small cards are 2.5" x 3.5” and offer plenty of scope for creativity. These are available for both letter and A4 size paper.

ATC cards are fun to make and there are many swaps organized where you can exchange ATCs with people from around the world. ATC cards are perfect for decorating with rubber stamps and, because of their small size, are also a great way to experiment with new techniques.

ATC Template

The ATC templates are available in a PDF format. Open the files and save them to your computer and you can use them whenever you require. The templates are available in both letter and A4 sizes for ease of use.

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