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Promise Card Tutorial
Rubber Stamped Promise Card

Rubber Stamped Promise Card

Kate Pullen
Rubber stamped promise cards are ideal for so many occasions. A promise card is simply a way of promising to do something for someone as a special gift. This might be to give someone the gift of time by promising to do the washing up every evening or doing the housework for a week, or perhaps to promise a special treat such as a home cooked supper or a family day out. While what makes this gift special is the thought that goes into the promise, it can be given a further personal touch by making a lovely handmade card to contain the promise. These can be simply stamped with a few decorations or turned into miniature works of art that will be treasured in their own right.

Any handmade card can be turned into a promise card by simply adding a few relevant words, however the template on the next page can be printed on paper to create an insert for a card, or printed onto a lightweight cardstock and decorated with rubber stamps.

The card in the photograph was made by printing the 'promise card' template onto plain cardstock. A stamped image has been colored using coloring pencils and cut out using fancy edge scissors. This has been attached to a piece of complementary colored card.

Promise tags are a variation and these can be stamped and decorated on one side with the promise written on the back. A hole can be punched into the tag and these can be hung as decorations on cards if required. Promise tags are ideal for occasions when multiple promises are made, as the lucky recipient can 'redeem' a promise by using the promise tags. Create your own promise tags using standard tags or tag templates, or use our template.

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