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Free Layered Gift Tag Template


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Free Printable Layered Gift Tag Template
Make a Layered Gift Tag

Make a Layered Gift Tag

Kate Pullen

Use the free printable template on the next page to make this pretty layered gift tag. The gift tag could also be used to make an attractive handmade card or decorative ornament. The gift tag is made in pieces and then glued together for an attractive layered finish.

How to Make a Layered Gift Tag

  1. Print the template on the next page and cut the pieces from quality paper
  2. Add decorations as required, for instance add a rubber stamped design to the center of the top element
  3. Attach the pieces using glue or double sided tape
  4. Punch a hole in the tag and hang ribbon or cord through as required
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Tips for Making a Layered Gift Tag

  • Use different colored papers or decorative scrapbooking paper to emphasize the design of the gift tag
  • Double sided adhesive foam tape or glue dots will add further dimension to the finished gift tag
  • Add your favorite rubber stamp image to the center of the gift tag to give it a customized finish
  • Print the template onto scrap paper and use this as a template to cut the pieces from good quality paper, this will help you arrange the pieces to avoid waste
  • Rub an ink pad or marker pen along the edges of the different pieces to help to highlight the layered design

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