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Make Name Bunting or Garlands with Free Printable Alphabet


Make Bunting with Free Alphabet Template
Make Custom Name Bunting with Free Alphabet Templates

Make Custom Name Bunting with Free Alphabet Templates

Kate Pullen

Use the free printable alphabet template to make your own custom name banners and garlands. The banner has been made by printing the letters, cutting them out and attaching them to sheets of colored paper. This makes a fun decoration for parties and other celebrations. Make a name banner or garland for a birthday party or wedding celebration or use the letters to spell out a special message. Add your own decorations to the letters using rubber stamps and other embellishments.

How to Make a Custom Name Banner

  1. Download and save the letters onto your computer as required. Resize the images and print the letters as required. The alphabet templates are available here - Free Printable Upper Case Alphabet Template and Free Printable Lower Case Alphabet Template
  2. Cut out the letters
  3. Add decorations as required, for instance add rubber stamped images to the letters or background paper (I stamped both, to create a coordinated design)
  4. Attach the letters to the background paper
  5. Punch a hole in the top of the sheets and hang ribbon or cord through as required

Tips for Making a Custom Name Banner

  • Use different colored papers or decorative scrapbooking paper
  • Double sided adhesive foam tape or glue dots to raise the letters from the background sheets
  • Add glitter glue for a little extra sparkle
  • Use bold rubber stamps to create a more dramatic design
  • Rub an ink pad or marker pen along the edges of the different pieces to help to highlight the letters

More Free Printable Templates

Here is a selection of free printable templates for you to enjoy!
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