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Thank you cards

Make thank you cards

Kate Pullen

Thank you cards are a lovely way to thank people for gifts and make great rubber stamping projects. They can take many forms from a simple 'thank you' stamped onto blank card through to a heavily decorated card packed full of embellishments and adornments. The type of thank you card depends on your own personal tastes, the time available and supplies to hand.

Making Thank You Cards

Here are some suggestions to make quick and easy thank you cards.

  • Use a 'thank you' rubber stamp – there are a wide variety of 'thank you' rubber stamps available from simple stamps with just the two words through to more detailed stamps that perhaps include other images. The type of stamp will depend on how you intend to use it, however a simple thank you can be used with many other stamps and this makes it a versatile choice.
  • Alphabet rubber stamps are suitable for stamping a few words or thank you message. A steady hand is required to help get the lettering well spaced. As an alternative to stamping directly onto the card, try stamping onto plain paper and attaching this to the card. This way, any stamping wobbles can be discarded without ruining the entire card.
  • Print a suitable sentiment and attach this to a card. This is a good way to add sentiments to a thank you card even if you don't have the right rubber stamps. Most word processing packages have a range of fonts to choose from and this can add to the overall design. See Sentiments for Thank You Cards for ideas for suitable sentiments to use.

Thank you cards don't follow any design conventions, therefore there is complete flexibility when choosing rubber stamps and a design. Use your own favorite colors and rubber stamps to reflect your own personality or use the favorite colors of the recipient to make the card personal to them.

Alternatives to Thank You Cards

An alternative to cards is to make thank you decorated thank you writing paper. This is a useful alternative to handmade cards for occasions where more space is required for writing. This is a great way to combine the unique nature of a handmade card with the practicality of writing paper.

To make your own customized writing paper, simply take a pad of good quality writing paper and add a rubber stamped image or two. The best place to stamp the paper is at the top or the bottom as this does not restrict the space for writing. In addition to stamping the writing paper, adding a stamp to the back of the envelope will give a coordinated feel.

Tips for Making Thank You Cards

Here are some tips to help you with your thank you cards:

  • Make a batch of cards at a time. Thank you cards are used throughout the year, therefore it is always useful to have a couple ready for use.
  • Let children make thank you cards or letters. Youngsters often do not like writing thank you letters, so making it into a fun activity will make it more appealing. This not only is a good activity to keep them occupied during the holidays, but it is also a good way to introduce them to rubber stamping.
  • Use pieces of old wrapping paper, greeting cards and other festive adornments to make embellishments for thank you cards.
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