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Stamping Projects for Valentine's Day


There are plenty of ways to use your rubber stamps to make gifts and decorations for Valentine's Day. Here is a round-up of some quick and easy projects to make special items to share with a loved one. Don't forget to check out our Valentine's Day digital stamps if you are looking for images for your Valentine's Day cards and scrapbook pages - Valentine's Day Digital Stamps.

1. Valentine's Day Paper Chains

Valentine's Day Paper Chains
Kate Pullen
Make your own Valentine's Day themed decorations with rubber stamps. These paper chains are easy to make and will help to decorate a room or table.

2. Three Dimensional Heart Ornament

3d Heart Ornament
Kate Pullen
This three dimensional heart ornament makes a pretty decoration. Make a few and hang them from a ribbon or cord to make an unusual Valentine's Day garland.

3. Heart Carton

This is an interesting take on the sour cream carton design. It features a heart at either side and would make a great Valentine's Day gift box. Use the free template to make this gift box.

4. Folded Heart Embellishment

Folded Paper Heart
Kate Pullen
This folded heart embellishment will add a romantic touch to handmade cards and scrapbook pages.

5. Make Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt Dough Ornaments
Kate Pullen
Make heart shaped salt dough ornaments for Valentine's Day.

6. Scrolled Heart

Scrolled Heart Embellishment
Kate Pullen
This easy scrolled heart will make a great decoration or thread a few together to make a heart garland.

7. Rubber Stamp Wrapping Paper

Hand Stamped Wrapping Paper
Kate Pullen
Whether you are giving a gift to a loved one or simply sending a small token of friendship to a neighbor or colleague, hand stamped wrapping paper can make the gift special. Making unique hand stamped wrapping paper is simple to achieve and is also a great way to practice different techniques.

Design Idea: A clear ink stamped on colored paper will leave an image that is slightly darker than the paper. This subtle effect works particularly well with darker colors. For more vibrant effects, contrasting colors look fantastic.

8. Rubber Stamp Gift Boxes

Hand Stamped Gift Box
Kate Pullen
Simple card boxes have a wide variety of uses and make a lovely way to present a Valentine's Day gift. They can house a few chocolates or candies, luxury items such as jewelry or perhaps treats such as handmade soap. There are many free box templates available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. These range from the most simple of card box through to more complex designs.

Design Idea: When stamping a hand made or hand folded box, make the box up first using scratch or waste cardstock. Practice stamping on this to see the best position for stamped images. Boxes can change shape when they are full or fastened and it useful to try different positions before making the real thing.

9. Decorate a Candle With Rubber Stamps

Heart candle
Kate Pullen
Transform plain white candles with rubber stamped images. This is a simple technique that is very adaptable. All that is required is some tissue paper in the same color as the candle, some suitable rubber stamps and inks and other coloring medium as required.

Design Idea:Heat embossed images really stand out from the candle and add to the finished effect. Try coloring the images with marker pens.

10. Valentine's Day Cupcake Wrappers

Make Cupcake Toppers
Kate Pullen
Decorate your cupcakes for Valentine's Day with your own special handmade cupcake toppers. These are simple to make and you can really go to town with your decorations!

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