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Create Wonderful Rubber Stamped Wedding Invitations

Use Rubber Stamping Techniques to Make Unique Wedding Invitations


Hand stamped wedding invitation

Hand stamped wedding invitation

Francesca Di Meglio

Creating wonderful hand stamped wedding invitations is not difficult to do and great results are easy to achieve with a little forward planning.

Follow the Theme of the Wedding

If the wedding has a theme then it is a good idea to reflect this in the wedding invitations. For instance, creating invitations that complement the rest of the wedding stationary from service sheets to place settings or that are stamped in colors that co-ordinate with the colors of the wedding flowers. Picking rubber stamps, inks and other materials that match or complement all aspects of the wedding design theme will help to achieve this.

Customized Rubber Stamps

Many companies offer customized rubber stamps and these range from pre-designed stamps that are simply personalized with the couple's names through to completely unique designs. Most stamp companies offering this service will have a design department or partner companies that can create unique designs as well as being happy to work with the couple's own design.

Buy the Best Materials

A wedding is a very special occasion and many people like to save the wedding invitation and other items as mementos. Therefore it is important that the materials chosen are of the highest quality and this means looking for products that are of archival quality and that are acid free. This needn't mean expensive, however, as good archival quality and acid-free supplies are readily available from stamping and craft stores and are becoming very much the standard offering. When buying ready made rubber stamps ensure, again, that they are of the best quality. Good quality rubber stamps will product clear and crisp images.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Weddings are a great opportunity to use supplies and materials that are a little bit special or different and as such they may be unfamiliar to work with. While it might be extremely tempting to start work straight away creating invitations, it is useful to practice with unfamiliar products first. This will help to avoid any costly mistakes or problems later on.

Practical Considerations

While it is tempting to make the most gorgeously flamboyant invitations packed with embellishments and adornments, one or two practicalities need to be considered – not least finding a suitable envelope. It is possible to buy or make small card-sized boxes for heavily adorned cards and these would be perfect for special wedding invitations. Do remember, however, that these will cost more to send and as such this will need to be factored into the wedding budget.

Include Basic Information

As well as looking wonderful, don't forget that the invitation must convey some important information. This includes:

  • The names of the couple
  • The date of the wedding
  • The location and time of the wedding
  • The location and time of the reception.
  • How to reply
It is possible to buy rubber stamps that include these headings and it is then simply a case of handwriting the relevant information as required. Alternatives include getting a rubber stamp created with all the information in place or printing theses details to add as an insert into the invitation.


Here are some tips to help create the perfect wedding invitation:

  • Look through lots of rubber stamping and card making magazines. These will provide plenty of inspiration. Remember that greeting card layouts are simple to adapt, therefore a great birthday card layout, for instance, could be adapted to make a great wedding invitation.
  • Make a note of important information such as the fonts and type faces used and color choices as this will help when choosing or commissioning rubber stamps.
  • Visit craft and stamping stores to look at paper and cardstock first hand. While it is possible to buy this over the Internet, the photographs rarely reflect the true colors and quality of different papers.
  • Make a few spare invitations in case of disaster – for instance some getting lost in the post or for last minute guests.
  • Plan ahead – particularly when commissioning stamps. Stamping when stressed is not likely to give as good results as a well planned and relaxing stamping session!

Show Off Your Wedding Crafts

If you have pictures of your wedding rubber stamping projects that you would like to share with others then you are welcome to take part in our wedding 'show and tell' feature. For more information take a look at Wedding Crafts Show and Tell. Making wedding invitations on a budget? Take a look at Tips for Creating Low Cost wedding Invitations for more ideas!

...with special thanks to Francesca Di Meglio, our Newly Weds guide here at About.com for the photo of her own wedding invitations. The stamp used is Cornucopia from Inkadinkado.

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