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Make a Crisp Fold in Paper and Cardstock


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How to Fold a Greeting Card
How to Make a Crisp Fold

How to Make a Crisp Fold

Kate Pullen

One of the things that often lets a handmade greeting card down is the way that it is folded. A crisp fold in a greeting card will make it look professional and will allow it to stand up straight when displayed. This is one part of cardmaking that often gets overlooked. However if you think of the fold as being the backbone of the card, you will realize how important it is! If you are going to put a lot of time and effort into making a card, then make sure you have a neat clean fold to really make the card look its best.

Although it is possible to buy card blanks, many card makers like to make their own cards from sheets of cardstock. This is the ideal way to get the perfect card, as you have complete control over the color and size of the card. This can also be extremely cost effective.

One of the keys to making handmade cards from a piece of folded cardstock is ensuring a crisp and firm fold. A fold that is not central or is not straight will result in a card that does not stand correctly. This means that however good the decoration is on the front of the card, the end result will always lack a professional looking finish.

Folding a piece of paper or cardstock is simple to do. Don't rush this stage of cardmaking as it key to the overall look of the finished card.

Materials Required

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