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How to Make an Easy Paper Pumpkin


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How to Make an Easy Paper Pumpkin
Easy Paper Pumpkin

Easy Paper Pumpkin

Kate Pullen

This is an easy paper pumpkin to make. The three dimensional round pumpkin is made from strips of paper that are fastened together. The strips are formed into a pumpkin shape and it is simple to make the paper pumpkin larger or smaller by adjusting the length and width of the paper strips. Use orange paper to create a pumpkin look or use different colors for an unusual effect. I rubber stamped the paper with a terracotta ink to add extra detail to the finished paper pumpkin.

Materials Required

  • Medium or heavyweight paper in orange plus a scrap of green paper (to make the paper pumpkin shown you will need enough paper to cut 6 strips which are 12 inches in length and an inch wide)
  • 2 Brads
  • Scissors, pencil, ruler and other craft tools
See the following pages for a step by step guide.

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