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Coffin Shaped Gift Box for Halloween Rubber Stamping Projects


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Coffin Box Template
Rubber stamped coffin gift box

Rubber stamped coffin gift box

Kate Pullen
Why not make a gift box with a difference to stamp for Halloween. This coffin looks fiddly to make, however once you get the hang of the folding you will see that it is very similar to a basic folded box. If you would like to make the coffin larger or smaller, simply change the dimensions. Print out the template onto scrap paper first and practice before using good quality paper.

The coffin can be decorated with any rubber stamps and stamping techniques that you like. Stamp the coffin while it is flat and before assembling it.

  • Scrap paper to practice
  • Two sheets of black paper (or color of your choice)
  • Glue
  • Ruler, scissors, pen
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