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How to Make Rubber Stamped Paper Chains


Rubber Stamped Paper Chain

Rubber Stamped Paper Chain

Kate Pullen
Hand stamped paper chains can be made for any number of occasions. Birthdays, seasonal festivities, barbecues, weddings and all forms of parties can be decorated with some wonderful hand stamped paper chains that are totally unique. The paper and color schemes can be chosen specifically to match the occasion and stamped with images that complement other stamped objects such as cards and decorations.

Paper chains are made from strips of paper that are joined to form links. The paper can be stamped either before or after they have been cut.

This is a good project for beginners as the odd wobbly image will not show.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Quick - depending on the length of chain

Here's How:

  1. Decide whether to stamp the paper first and then cut the strips or cut the strips before stamping. There are advantages to each technique

    Stamping Before Cutting
    • Easier to stamp as the paper is bigger and less fiddly
    • Any stamp can be used as it does not matter if the stamp is larger than the paper strip
    • A random pattern can be achieved
    • It is less obvious if a stamp is misplaced
    Cutting Before Stamping
    • Perfect for the formal placement of stamps
    • Strips can be stamped for a specific position within the chain, for instance links that feature a certain design
    Beginners may find it easier to stamp the paper first.
  2. Stamp the paper before or after cutting as required. The stamps can be positioned in any way, however remember that the finished images will be viewed either way up therefore a random stamping pattern might be best.
  3. Cut the paper into strips. The strips of paper can be any size. Smaller strips will give a more delicate chain whereas larger strips will give a more bulky chain. The choice of size will largely be down to personal preference however a good size for a rubber stamped paper chain is 8-by-2 inches. A fairly large chain is required to show off your lovely stamping!
  4. Form one strip of paper into a loop to form a link and fasten it using glue or another method as required. Take the next strip and place this through the first link, forming this into a loop and fasten. Repeat in this manner until the chain is the required length.


  1. If you are stamping before cutting, fasten the paper to the work surface to stop it curling.
  2. A proportion of 4:1 is a useful ‘rule of thumb’ when planning the size of strips (for example a strip should be 4 times longer than wide).
  3. Use a fast drying ink so that you can cut the strips immediately.
  4. Try other fastening techniques such as using brads or stickers.
  5. Mark out the strips in pencil on the rear of the paper before cutting or cut a card template to use to cut around.

What You Need

  • Rubber stamps - the design and size will depend on the occasion
  • Inks
  • Paper - craft or postal paper is ideal
  • Glue or other method of joining the links
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

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