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Keepsake Heart Book


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Folded Paper Heart Book
Folded Paper Heart Book

Folded Paper Heart Book

Kate Pullen

This folded paper heart book is deceptively easy to make. The book is formed from a single piece of paper. When the cover is added the book contains four pockets, each providing a space to hold a heart shaped billet-doux or love note. If you don't want the book to contain pockets then simply glue the pockets together. Although this book is small in size, it contains plenty of space for decorations, small photos, special notes and more.

The heart book is made using this free printable template - Heart Book Template. While I normally suggest printing templates onto scrap paper and using these as templates to transfer the design to best paper, in this instance, where the folding and cutting needs to be reasonably precise in order to get a neat finish, I suggest printing the template onto best paper. I have included two versions of the template, one in black and the other in a light gray. The gray template is ideal for use on lighter paper. Although the print is on the reverse of the book, the light gray ensures that the folding lines will not show through the paper and this is ideal if you are using a lighter weight paper.

Materials Required

  • Template
  • Paper and card
  • Scissors, glue, paper folder or folding bone and ruler
  • Ribbon
  • Rubber stamps, inks and other embellishments as required
See the following pages for a step by step guide to making this folded paper heart book.

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