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3D Paper Star - Paper Star Ornament with Template


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3D Paper Star - Paper Star Ornament with Template
Three Dimensional Paper Star

Three Dimensional Paper Star

Kate Pullen

Make a Paper Star

Make this three dimensional paper star using the template that is on the next page. Each point of the star is made separately and when the points are joined, the star has a three dimensional (3D) form, looking the same from each side. Decorate the paper with rubber stamps to create your own unique effects. While the star is relatively straightforward to make, it may be a good idea to practice using scrap paper before using good paper.

Tip: To get the best results, score the fold lines prior to folding. If you don't have a paper folder then an empty ball point pen will work well.

Materials Required

  • Thick paper or lightweight cardstock
  • Rubber stamps and inks to decorate the paper as required
  • Glue or double sided adhesive tape (I find it easier to use glue, but other people find adhesive tape easier to work with
  • Scissors, paper folder and other crafting supplies
See the following pages for the template and step by step guide.
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