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Rubber Stamp Keychain Tutorial


Rubber Stamp Key Ring or Keychain - Quick Gift Idea
Rubber stamped keychains make a quick and easy gift idea

Rubber stamped keychains make a quick and easy gift idea

Kate Pullen
Here's a quick and easy DIY gift idea and perfect for last minute presents. Use a blank photo keychain blank to create your own customized keychains. Instead of adding a photo simply insert your favorite rubber stamped image or an image that you think will be appreciated by the recipient of the gift.

Photo Keychain / Key Ring Blanks

You will find photo keychain blanks in hobby and craft stores. They are designed in two pieces so a photo can be 'sandwiched' between the two pieces and held securely in place. The keychain blank is transparent on both sides so you can show two different images if required. These are sold in a variety of shapes and sizes and you will also find other items such as coasters which could also be used with rubber stamped images.

Instructions for Making a Key Ring

  1. Rubber stamp the image that you want to use with the keychain. There are a number of design possibilities. If you don't have a stamp exactly the right size you could consider cutting out a portion of a larger image as I have done above. Another alternative would be to use a smaller image and place this onto a larger piece of colored card to give a more finished effect.
  2. Cut and trim the image to size
  3. Insert the image into the keychain (if you are using two images then place them back to back)
  4. Snap the back of the keychain into place to hold the images firmly in place

Tips for Making a Rubber Stamped Keychain or Key Ring

  • When the back of the keychain is snapped into place it is difficult to remove, so experiment with images and placement before inserting the back into the keychain
  • Use bold images and bright colors to really make the designs stand out
  • Add embellishments such as glitter or 3d paint, however remember not to make the design too think otherwise it will not sit well in the keychain
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