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Make a Word Search Greeting Card with Alphabet Stamps


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Make a Word Search Greeting Card with Alphabet Rubber Stamps
Stamping Word Search

Stamping Word Search

Kate Pullen

This is a fun idea for a card with a difference. Instead of stamping decorative images onto the front of a greeting card, why not stamp a word search puzzle? This is a little fiddly - however I have some tips to help!

What is a Word Search Puzzle?

Word search puzzles are puzzles where people find words that are hidden in a grid of letters. These can be simple or complicated. When stamped with alphabet stamps with fancy fonts then these also make an attractive card

How to Make a Word Search Puzzle

Making a word search puzzle is actually very simple! To do this manually simply draw up a grid on scrap paper, write the words that you want to 'hide' and then fill on the gaps with other letters. The words can read vertically, horizontally and even diagonally - it depends on how fiendishly tricky you want it to be!

There is an even easier way of making a word search puzzle, however, and this is to use a word search generator. There are many free word search generators available on the Internet. These are very easy to use. Type in a few words and the generator will do the rest! One easy to use generator can be found at Word Search World.

Using Alphabet Stamps to Make a Word Search Puzzle

Any alphabet rubber stamps will work well, however smaller stamps are better for a word search puzzle for a greeting card. Very fancy, ornate or funky fonts might not be ideal as this can make the letters difficult to read. The 'r's in the alphabet stamp set used to create the set in the photograph above, for instance, are not that clear and perhaps a less fancy alphabet stamp set would have worked better.

How to Rubber Stamp a Word Search

To stamp out the puzzle, simple start stamping the letters in a grid onto paper or card stock. There are some tips on the next page to help!

(In case you are wondering - there are 8 stamping related words in this card)
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