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Folded Paper Basket
'Almost Origami' Paper Basket

'Almost Origami' Paper Basket

Kate Pullen
This basket is folded from a single rectangle sheet of paper. I've called this an 'almost origami' basket, as it can't strictly be called origami, as I have used glue to hold the basket together firmly. The basic principle, however, of folding a sheet of paper to make a three dimensional object is the same as traditional origami.

The proportions of the paper will determine the size of the basket and the length of the handles. I used half a sheet of letter sized paper cut lengthwise, which gave a sheet of paper that was 4.25" x 11". The longer the rectangle is in proportion to the width, the longer the handles will be (if this doesn't make sense, try making it - it will soon become clear!). Any paper will work well, however it is best not to use heavy or thick paper as this will be difficult to shape.

This isn't a difficult project, but it is definitely a good idea to make the basket from scrap paper to start with. This is particularly important if you want to place a rubber stamp in a specific position on the basket. The best way to do this is to make the basket out of scrap paper, draw on the basket where you want the rubber stamped image to appear, carefully undo the basket and use this as a template to position the rubber stamped image on the quality paper.

Supplies Required

  • A rectangle of paper (I used a piece that was 4.25" x 11")
  • Rubber stamps and ink as required
  • Glue, ruler and paper folder (optional)
See the following pages for a step by step guide to making this easy origami-like folded paper basket.

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