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List of Handmade Marketplaces

Sell Your Handmade Rubber Stamped Work and Buy Interesting Supplies


There are an increasing number of websites that specialize in the sale of handmade goods. This offers rubber stampers who are interested in selling their work an exciting, worldwide market place that would previously have been difficult to achieve. These sites are often a great source of supplies too as independent rubber stamp designers are able to sell their stamps direct to users and will often take commissions. The sites that sell handmade crafts are continually growing so this list will be updated. If you have a site that you would like added or if you have experience of buying or selling, then send me an email.

1. Handmade Marketplaces - Websites for Selling Handmade Goods

Most websites that specialize in the sale of handmade and handcrafted items operate in a similar way. Sellers open a store within the site. This store will have its individual web address (url) and sellers can use this to market their store. Buyers can go direct to a store if they know it, or browse through different categories of products using search facilities.

The way the websites differ is through their charging policies. The three main charges are upfront listing fee, a fee on completed sales and a maintenance fee. Websites use a mixture of these charged at different levels. Check with the individual website for their current fee structure as this can change frequently.

These stores are a great place to check for unusual stamps.

2. Selling Rubber Stamped Goods

Before planning to sell any handmade items that have been created using stamped images, do remember to check the Angel Policy of the stamping company. Some rubber stamp companies prohibit the sale of products created using their stamps.

There are many rubber stamped items that are perfect for selling through this type of site. These include handmade greeting cards, notelets, calendars, jewelry, mixed media work and much more. Before starting to sell items with a particular store, take a good look through their current listings to get a feel for what sells well - and more importantly - what doesn't.

3. Artfire

Formed in 2008, Artfire is a growing site that offers people the opportunity to buy and sell handmade items.

Supplies: Yes.

4. DaWanda

DaWanda is a European website which is open to sellers from throughout the world. Transactions, however, are in Euros. The site has English, German and French options and many sellers cooperate to provide translations.

Supplies: Yes

5. eBay

eBay is probably the most well known worldwide market place. eBay does not specialize in handmade items, however it is included as it is still an important website for crafters. While it is a great place for finding a wide range of stamping items, it is very overcrowded. Some stampers do, however, sell work on eBay successfully. eBay is also a great place to find second hand and retired rubber stamps.

Supplies: Yes

6. Etsy

Etsy is the largest and most established of the mainstream handmade craft marketplaces. Since its launch in 2005, Etsy has attracted buyers and sellers from all over the world. Sellers open up their own stores and these stores are customizable.

Supplies: Yes

7. Folksy

Folksy is a UK website. They currently are only open to UK sellers and items are priced in sterling. Folksy state that they are planning to open up to international sellers, however, later in 2009.

Supplies: Yes

8. iCraft

This Canadian site operates internationally and has strict handmade requirements. The site operates in Canadian dollars. Handmade items that have been created with rubber stamps are sold, but currently no rubber stamps.

Supplies: No

9. Made It Myself

Made It Myself specializes in the sale of handmade items. Rubber stamped items as well as rubber stamps feature on this site.

Supplies: Yes

10. Misi

UK website, Misi, is short for 'make it sell it'. The website is open to UK sellers and the prices are in sterling.

11. ShopHandmade

Makers of handmade items can sell their goods through ShopHandmade. The site is sponsored by a number of companies. This allows sellers to have part or all of their listing fees offset, which is an attractive option.

Supplies: Yes

12. Wink Elf

Handmade goods are offered for sale through stores. Sellers can sell non-handmade goods but these only feature within their store. Interesting features include the facility that allows sellers to import their eBay rating.

Supplies: Yes

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