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Rubber Stamping Supplies

There are a wealth of rubber stamping supplies available. From rubber stamps and inks through to specialist stamping equipment, there are supplies available for every occasion.
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Handmade, Speciality and Eco-Paper
Handmade papers, speciality papers and eco papers can give an unusual decorative touch to a rubber stamping, scrapbooking or other papercraft project. Read more about the many different types of handmade and speciality paper available.

Mulberry Paper
Mulberry paper is a distinctive form of handmade paper and is ideal for adding texture and interest to rubber stamping projects.

Banana Paper
Banana paper is highly textured and is ideal for adding decorative effects to rubber stamping projects.

Silk Paper
Silk paper has a rich luster that makes it a great option for rubber stamping projects for special occasions.

Cotton Paper
Cotton paper is strong and durable. This can be a good choice for special rubber stamping projects.

Elephant Dung Paper
Elephant dung paper may sound like an odd addition to your stamping supplies, however if you are looking for something that is both a little different and kind to the environment then this could be just the thing!

Air Dry Clay
Air dry clay has many of the features of traditional clay - but without the need of a kiln. The clay dries hard in the air and does not need firing.

Bring Luster to a Rubber Stamping Project with Pigment Powders
Pigment powders add a touch of sparkle to a rubber stamping project. The fine powders bring luster and shine to the paper.

Chalk Techniques and Projects
Chalks are a useful addition to a rubber stamper's tool box. Chalks are a versatile color medium and can be used in a variety of ways. Techniques and ideas for projects using chalks are detailed below.

Character Rubber Stamps
Character rubber stamps range from the cute and whimsical through to photo quality images and are ideal for many rubber stamping projects. The wide range of characters available means that there is bound to be an appropriate stamp for many occasions and adding a character or two to a stamping project can be the ideal way to customize or personalize a design or layout.

Alphabet Rubber Stamps
Alphabet rubber stamps are ideal for stamping text or words on a rubber stamping project. They are available in a wide variety fonts, styles and sizes.

Clear Embossing Powder
Clear embossing powder is an essential item in a rubber stampers tool box.

Decorating Chalks
Decorating or coloring chalks are a useful addition to a rubber stampers work box and can be used in a variety of ways.

Embellishments for Use in Rubber Stamping Projects
A few well chosen embellishments can help to give a professional finish to a rubber stamping project. There are a wide variety of embellishments available from brads and beads to ribbons and bows.

Embossing Pen for Rubber Stamping Projects
Embossing pens are a useful accessory and helpful for a variety of rubber stamping projects.

Embossing Powder for Rubber Stamping Projects
Embossing powder is a useful rubber stamping supply. The powders are used as part of the heat embossing technique to create a raised and glossy rubber stamped image.

Craft Foam for Stamping Projects
Craft foam is simple to work with and is useful for many stamping projects. Craft foam is also ideal for embossing with rubber stamps to create three dimensional images.

Handmade Glue Recipes
Have you ever thought about making your own glue? Many glues can be made from normal kitchen store cupboard ingredients and require little in the way of special equipment. Making your own glue can be handy for times when no other glue is to hand and is also an interesting project for children. Some of the homemade glue recipes below are for...

Heat Gun
Profile of the heat gun, an essential tool used for embossing rubber stamped images. The heat gun or heat tool heats embossing powders to create a raised, glossy surface.

Learn About Watercolor Pencils for Rubber Stamping Projects
Watercolor pencils are a versatile tool. They are ideal for adding color to rubber stamped If you are considering buying watercolor pencils or water soluble crayons, take a look at some of these articles and reviews. These cover different aspects of using watercolor pencils and the techniques can easily be adapted to rubber stamping projects....

Flocking Powder or Flock for Rubber Stamping Projects
Flocking powder gives a soft velvet texture to rubber stamping projects. Flocking powder or flock is simple to use and is a great addition to a rubber stamper's work box.

Craft Wire Comparison Chart
Craft wires are measured in gauges. Two of the main ones being AWG and metric. Here is a list of some of the most popular gauges of craft wire with both AWG and metric gauge comparisons.

Marker Pens for Rubber Stamping Projects
Marker pens are a useful tool for many rubber stamping projects. In addition to standard marker pens that are widely available, special marker pens are available that have been designed for rubber stamping and paper craft use.

Many Items are Perfect for Recycling in Green Craft Projects
Next time you go to throw something away, take another look at it and see how it can be incorporated into a rubber stamping project! It is surprising how many items that would otherwise end up in landfill can be recycled using a few basic rubber stamping techniques. Transform junk into useful materials for a variety of green crafts and rubber stamping projects. This is a good way to save money…

Paper Punches for Use in Rubber Stamping Projects
Craft punches are ideal for use in rubber stamping projects. A craft punch is useful for punching shapes out of paper and cardstock. This is handy for embellishments or to add dimension to rubber stamped projects.

Pattern Edged Scissors
Unlike standard straight edge scissors, pattern edged scissors cut a pattern into the paper or cardstock.

Polymer Clay
Polymer clay is a very versatile crafting material. Use rubber stamps to add texture and design to the surface of polymer clay and make items to use in jewelry, handmade cards and other projects.

Rubber Stamp Companies Share Their Story
Rubber stamp companies share their story.

Useful Tools for Green Craft Projects
A few simple tools can open up all sorts of opportunities for green crafts. Rubber stamps, paper punches, decorative edged scissors and other basic items can be used in a wide variety of green craft projects. These tools are readily available at craft stores and can sometime be found second hand. Make handmade cards, accessories, gift wrap,...

UTEE Ultra Thick Embossing Enamels from Ranger Inks
UTEE or Ultra Thick Embossing Enamels by Ranger Inks are an exciting product. They can be used in many ways and bring an interesting dimension to many rubber stamping projects.

Watercolor Pencils for Rubber Stamping Projects
Add color to rubber stamping projects with watercolor pencils. These easy to use pencils help to create great professional looking projects.

Shrink Plastic, How it is Used and Tips for Rubber Stamping
Shrink plastic is a versatile product. Learn about shrink plastic, how it is used and find tips for rubber stamping on shrink plastic.

Learn About Brayers for Rubber Stamping
A brayer is a useful tool that can be used in many rubber stamping projects. Find out more about what a brayer is and how it can be used.

Best Craft Knife
Read reader's reviews of their favorite craft knife and add your own review. See submissions

Craft Knife for Rubber Stamping and Paper Craft Projects
A craft knife is used for cutting paper and cardstock and is useful in many rubber stamping and paper craft projects.

Self-Healing Cutting Mat
A self-healing cutting mat is a useful rubber stamping and paper craft tool.

10 of the Best Corner Punches
Corner punches are ideal for punching decorative cut-out shapes into the corners of pieces of paper and cardstock. This adds interest to many rubber stamping projects, such as handmade cards, as well as being great for creating attractive scrapbooking pages. Corner punches are available in a wide variety of designs which makes them extremely...

Profile of Digital Papers
Digital papers are a low cost and often free way to add decorative papers to your rubber stamping and paper craft projects. Learn more about digital papers and find links to some great freebies to get you started!

Decorative Hole Punches
Learn about decorative hole punches and how they can be used in your card making and paper craft projects.

Compass Cutter Profile
What is a compass cutter and how can you use it in your card making and scrapbooking projects?

Chipboard Shapes for Rubber Stamping
Learn about chipboard shapes and how to use them in your rubber stamping projects.

Artist's Canvas Blocks for Rubber Stamping
Artist's canvas provides an interesting surface for rubber stamping projects.

Bottle Caps and Rubber Stamping
Learn about bottle caps and how you can use them to make items of jewelry, magnets and other embellishments using your rubber stamps.

Wood Disc Blanks for Rubber Stamping
Look around your craft store for new and exciting surfaces for stamping. Wooden shapes, such as discs and other shapes, are perfect for making embellishments for projects.

Glitter Hot Glue Sticks
Learn about hot glitter glue sticks and how they can be used in your craft projects

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