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Embossing Pens for Rubber Stamping Projects


Using Embossing Pens

Using Embossing Pens

Kate Pullen

What are Embossing Pens?:

Embossing pens are pens that contain clear embossing ink. Embossing ink is slower drying then normal inks, meaning that there is plenty of time to coat the image with embossing powders. Normal inks may dry too quickly meaning that the embossing powders will not adhere to the image and this means that standard marker pens are unsuitable for embossing.

Embossing pens are generally fiber tipped pens and some models are dual tipped, typically offering a fine tip at one end and a thicker tip at the other end.

How are Embossing Pens Used in Rubber Stamping Projects?:

Embossing pens are used to draw images or to write text for embossing with embossing powders. This is useful for adding freehand decoration to rubber stamping projects. Embossing pens are also ideal for filling in any gaps on an image that has been stamped in embossing inks. This can help rescue projects or neaten up any gaps in an image to be embossed.

Embossing pens can also be used with chalks to add subtle detail to designs. The chalks stick to the embossing ink when it is wet giving a darker image.

Types of Embossing Pens:

A number of manufacturers make embossing pens. These include:

Tips for Using Embossing Pens:

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