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What are Perfect Pearls?:

Perfect Pearls (tm) by Ranger Inks are a range of pearlescent pigment powders that can be used in different ways to add special effects to rubber stamping projects. When applied to paper, cardstock or other surfaces, the powders create a special pearly effect. The very fine pigment powder is sold in small jars and is available in a wide range of colors. In addition to the Perfect Pearls pigment powders, the range includes Perfect Medium which can be used to apply the powders. This is available in clear and in black which both give very different finished effects. The Perfect Pearls do not require a setting agent.

How Are Perfect Pearls Used?:

There are a wide variety of ways that Perfect Pearls can be used and this makes them a versatile addition to a stamper's work box. Perfect Medium has been designed for use with the powders and this can be stamped onto paper or cardstock and the Perfect Pearls powders brushed over the top. This medium is available in stamp pads, refills and pens. The powders can also be applied wet to a project using plain water, or they can be mixed with paints, clay, embossing powders or other materials to bring an extra sheen. The colors can be blended to create new and different colors and shades.

Using Perfect Pearls:

There are many ways of using Perfect Pearls and beginners will achieve great results using just a few simple techniques. More information about the product including tips and ideas for projects can be found on the Ranger Ink website. Perfect Pearls are ideal for using in many stamping projects including:
  • Used with water to color in images - when used with a little water a strong 'paint' is created, more water will give a glaze or wash.
  • Stamp images using Perfect Medium and dust powders over the top - brush different colors over sections to get a variegated finish.
  • Add to embossing powders for a pearly finish.

Other Products in the Perfect Pearls Range:

In addition to the powders and medium, the Perfect Pearls range includes:
  • Black Perfect Medium - for use on light colored paper to give a greater contrast.
  • Re-inker - for both the clear and the black medium
  • Perfect Fabric Medium - this medium is used for applying the pigment powders to fabrics
  • Perfect Ink Refresher - this rehydrates ink pads and water based markers.
  • Perfect Pens - these are used in the same way as embossing pens and can be used to draw freehand onto a rubber stamping project. These are available in black and clear Perfect Medium

Buying Perfect Pearls:

Perfect Pearls are widely available from craft and stamping supply stores and online. The Ranger Ink website provides a full list of stockists broken down by state. Information for international customers is also provided.

Further Information:

  • Manufacturer - Ranger Industries, Inc.
  • Website - rangerink.com
  • Address
    15 Park Road
    Tinton Falls,
    NJ 07724
  • Telephone - (732) 389-3535
  • Facsmile - (732) 389-1102
Perfect Pearls are acid free.


For more information about using Perfect Pearls take a look at this review - Perfect Pearl Review.
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