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Unmounted Rubber Stamp

Kate Pullen

What are Unmounted Stamps?:

Unmounted Stamps are the die part of the stamp. These then require mounting before use, however this is not a difficult task and there are many different techniques for doing this ranging from quick temporary fixes through to permanently mounting a stamp. Modern clear stamps are extremely simple to use as these self clinging stamps adhere without the need of adhesive to acrylic blocks.

Unmounted stamps are available in both traditional rubber and in clear polymer.

Features of Unmounted Stamps:

  • Much cheaper to buy.
  • Lighter and less bulky to post than traditional mounted stamps resulting in a saving in delivery rates (many unmounted stamps can be posted using US standard envelope rates).
  • Stamp sheets are readily available where a number of related stamps are available on a single sheet. These represent excellent value for money, although stamps on sheets do require cutting into shape prior to use.


Some unmounted stamps come complete with a foam cushion which saves having to buy, cut and mount foam.
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