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Antistatic Products For Use When Heat Embossing Rubber Stamping Projects


What is Static?:

Heat embossed rubber stamping projects can be ruined by the build up of static. The static attracts embossing powders and encourages them to stick to areas outside of the image, resulting in unwanted areas becoming embossed. The amount of static build up depends on the type of paper or cardstock and the atmosphere.

Reducing Static:

It is possible to reduce static build up by wiping the card prior to use with an antistatic product. There are several types of antistatic products available and these include products made specifically for embossing and rubber stamping.

Many stampers have their own favored way of dealing with static build up, and many people find that cleaning unwanted embossing powder from an image with a paint brush is effective for most projects. On special projects, however, or when working with contrasting colored embossing powders and paper even one or two speckles of unwanted powder left on the surface can spoil a project.

Types of Antistatic Products:

There are a number of different products suitable for helping reduce static build up in rubber stamping projects. These include:
  • Antistatic bags specially designed for heat embossing
  • Dryer sheets
  • Monitor antistatic wipes
  • A sprinkling of talcum powder
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