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Here we have explanations of different rubber stamping techniques and tutorials demonstrating how to get the most from your rubber stamping. All the key techniques are covered from embossing to decorative background effects.
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Stamp and Doodle a Paisley Image
Use a paper tube to stamp teardrop shapes and doodle the insides to create paisley designs.

What are Hybrid Crafts?
Learn more about hybrid crafting (combining digital and traditional techniques) and how you can use it in your next project.

Blending Colored Pencil
Learn how to blend colored pencil to create great looking results in your rubber stamping projects.

Polymer Clay and Rubber Stamping
Rubber stamps and polymer clay work well together. Rubber stamps can be used in a variety of ways. As well as using rubber stamps to decorate the surface of baked polymer clay, rubber stamps can be used to create textured surfaces and interesting decorative effects. Rubber stamps can be used in a variety of different polymer clay techniques to produce stunning end results. If you have never used…

How to Tear Mulberry Paper
The long fibers in mulberry paper help to give this handmade paper its distinctive appearance. They also give a feathered edge when the paper is torn and this adds an interesting decorative and textured effect to many different craft projects.

Stamping with Masking Fluid
Unusual effects can be achieved by stamping with masking fluid.

How to Use Masking Fluid
Masking fluid can be a useful way to mask images in rubber stamping projects.

Rubber Stamping and Cross Stitch
Use rubber stamps to make templates for cross stitch and embroidery projects or simply to add decoration to cross stitch fabric or aida.

How to Add Handstitching to Cards
Hand stitching is a great way to add texture and design to a handmade card. This technique is an effective way to dress up a simple stamped image. Many different stitches can be used to achieve great looking designs.

Paper Piercing
Paper piercing can add an interesting decorative effect to rubber stamping projects.

Rubber Stamping and Stitching
Do you add stitching to your handmade card or scrapbook projects? If so, you are invited to post pictures of your work and share ideas with others!

Watercolor Painting and Rubber Stamps
Watercolor paints are ideal for adding color to rubber stamped images.

Appy Color to Stamped Images with Marker Pens
Marker pens bring vibrant colors to rubber stamping designs. These pens are easy to use and are ideal for a variety of projects.

Chalk - Add Detail to Animal Stamps Using an Embossing Pen and Chalks
Using an embossing pen and chalks are an ideal way to add detail to outline animal stamps, for instance stripes and markings on cats.

Chalks - Apply Chalks Wet for a Different Effect
Apply chalks wet to give a different effect. This is useful for a variety of rubber stamping projects.

Cleaning Stamps
Keeping rubber stamps clean is important to ensure clear and crisp stamped images.

Combine Stamps to Create Your Own Unique Designs
If the perfect rubber stamp for a project remains allusive, why not create your own unique designs by combining rubber stamps. Use this technique to create abstract scenes or to tell a story.

Create a Embossing Pen and Chalked Background
Use an embossing pen and chalks to create subtle background. This technique adapts well to a variety of projects and here is used to provide a background for a cute animal scene!

Create Easy Flocked Borders with Double Sided Tape
Use flocking powder with double sided tape to create a velvet border or add other textured embellishments to handmade cards and other rubber stamping projects.

Create Your Own Designer Papers - All Over Stamped Designs
Make your own designer decorative papers using rubber stamps and a few simple creative techniques.

Rubber Stamping Masking Technique
Use the masking technique to combine images and create your own unique designs.

Decoupage and Collage
Interesting decoupage effects can be created by stamping outline images onto colored paper and card and cutting these out. These images can be attached to other papers. Decoupage is a useful technique for stampers who want to apply color and texture to their images without the need to use paints or chalks. Simple effects can be achieved by stamping onto plain paper or more dramatic and creative effects can be given by using patterned papers or other materials.

Decoupage Paper Craft
Decoupage is a traditional form of paper craft. Decoupage brings an additional dimension to rubber stamping and other paper craft projects.

Easy Polymer Clay Mokume Gane with Rubber Stamps
Create interesting and deceptively complex designs using the technique of mokume gane. This traditional Japanese metal technique works well with polymer clay and rubber stamps.

Fabric Stamping or Fabric Printing: An Alternative to Fabric Painting
Learn how to stamp on fabric. Marion Boddy-Evans, our About.com guide to Painting explains how to make your own unique one of a kind fabric prints.

How to Apply Chalks
Chalks can be applied in a variety of ways to produce different effects.

How to Apply Ink to a Rubber Stamp
Correctly applying inks to rubber stamps is an important part of ensuring a clear, sharp image every time.

How to Blend Colored Pencils in Rubber Stamping Projects
Move your coloring technique up a level by using mineral spirits to blend pencil colors. This is simple, yet very effective, and can give a professional finish to many rubber stamping projects.

How to Condition Polymer Clay and Why Conditioning Polymer Cl…
Knowing how to condition polymer clay will help you get the best results from your projects. Polymer clay and rubber stamps are an exciting combination. Polymer clay can be textured with rubber stamps or the surface can be decorated with stamped images once the clay has been baked.

How To Emboss
Embossing is a useful rubber stamping technique to learn and can add interest to a variety of projects.

How to Make Quick UTEE Embellishments
UTEE or Ultra Thick Embossing Enamels can be used in many ways. Here's an idea for making quick and unusual embellishments for handmade cards which is ideal for people new to UTEE. A melting pot is not required for this project.

How to Mount a Stamp Using Mounting Foam
Mounting unmounted stamps using special mounting foam is extremely straightforward.

How to Paint With Inks
Painting with rubber stamping inks is a great way to bring some color to your rubber stamping quickly and easily with the minimum of additional materials required. This is a useful technique to know and adapts well to a variety of projects.

How to Use Decoupage Kits
Decoupage kits are easy to use and are a quick way to produce stunning decoupage embellishments.

How to Use Flock with Glue
Use flock with glue to quickly add some texture to rubber stamping project. The flocking powder creates a velvet or fuzzy surface.

How to Use Flocking Powder
Flocking powder, or flock, gives a soft fuzzy finish to projects. It is simple to use and can be added to a wide variety of rubber stamping projects. If you are looking for ways to use flocking powder then take a look at some of these step by step articles below. These use flocking or flock in different ways and are simple to adapt. For more...

How to Use Medallion Rubber Stamps
Medallion stamps are a versatile form of rubber stamp and can be used in to create 3d images that are great for embellishing handmade cards and other projects.

How to Use Outline Stickers
Outline stickers are easy to use and are a useful addition to many rubber stamping projects.

Impress Craft Foam
Using a rubber stamp to impress craft foam is a simple, yet versatile rubber stamping technique. The stamped image sinks into the foam giving an interesting dimensional effect.

Improvise with Bubble Wrap! Stamp Interesting Patterns
Although there is a vast range of exciting rubber stamps available, sometimes improvising with other materials can be fun and a great way to produce unusual and interesting results. Bubble wrap is readily available and can be used to create interesting all over stamped designs. This is a simple stamping technique and one that will work well with a variety of rubber stamping projects.

Make Great Use of Color
The good use of color in rubber stamping can turn a nice project into a great project. There are some useful color theories that will help you pick the right color scheme for a rubber stamping project every time.

Mask Images
Masking is an easy technique that allows rubber stampers to stamp overlapping images, giving the opportunity to group images, create an illusion of depth and a wealth of other uses.

Paint with Bleach
Normal household bleach can be used in rubber stamping projects. The bleach removes the dye from paper and cardstock, leaving a lighter patch or pattern. This makes an alternative to paints and inks.

Perfect Pearls Lifting (Lift-Off) Technique
The lifting technique is a twist on the traditional approach to stamping. Instead of using inks or other medium to stamp on the page, this technique uses a stamp to remove Perfect Pearls from the page.

Print Text for Rubber Stamping Projects
Knowing how to print text for rubber stamping projects is a useful technique to learn and has a wide variety of uses. This is particularly good for making greetings cards for unusual occasions where rubber stamps may not be available. This is also a good way to personalize wedding, baby, congratulations or other cards in a professional manner.

Rubber Stamp on Candles
Adding some rubber stamped decorations to candles can transform a plain candle into something really special. Using this simple technique, candles can be customized to match a room or table decor, personalized for a wedding or birthday, given a festive make-over or simply transformed into your own unique work of art.

Rubber Stamp on Eggs
Rubber stamping is a versatile craft. There are so many surfaces to stamp on that there should never be any need to become bored! Eggs are just one of a number of unusual surfaces that can be transformed into miniature works of art by the use of a few rubber stamped images.

Rubber Stamp Polymer Clay Mica Shift Technique
Use patterned rubber stamps and metallic polymer clay to create an interesting effect. The finished polymer clay can be used to make embellishments for handmade cards, elements for jewelery, beads and a wide variety of other purposes.

Rubber Stamping and Origami
Rubber stamping is a great way to add some decoration to origami projects or create unique rubber stamped origami papers. There is a large variety of origami projects that are suitable for rubber stamping from animals with stamped markings through to bags and boxes decorated with some carefully placed rubber stamped images.

Rubber Stamping Techniques
Learn rubber stamping techniques from the basics through to more unusual ways of using your rubber stamps. There are many exciting rubber stamping techniques to learn, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced stamper.

Simple Masking Technique
Paper templates are ideal for using as masks to produce interesting rubber stamping designs. This is a useful way to make themed items even if you don't have the right stamps.

Simple Rubber Stamped Disc Embellishments for Handmade Cards
This is a simple technique for making simple rubber stamped cards using disc embellishments that can be adapted in a wide variety of ways. Rubber stamped images are made onto disc embellishments that are decorated and glued to greeting card blanks. This is an ideal way to use up odds and ends of cardstock or paper and simple variations make these cards suitable for many occasions.

Stamp With Bleach
Normal household bleach can be used as a stamping medium. The bleach removes the color from the background cardstock or paper and gives a different effect.

Stamp, Cut and Stick - an Easy Rubber Stamping Technique
Stamp, cut and stick is a simple technique and a great way for beginner stampers to build up stamped images on a page without having to worry about mastering the rubber stamping technique of masking.

Stamping with Acrylic Paint on Polymer Clay
Acrylic paints can be used to create interesting effects when stamped onto soft polymer clay. This versatile technique can be adapted in many ways.

Tearing Paper
Tearing paper to give interesting torn paper edges is a simple but effective technique to know.

Tips to Make Great Greeting Cards
Making great handmade cards needn't require lots of fancy equipment or techniques. It is possible to make lovely cards using just the basics and we share tips that will get beginner stampers making great cards in no time!

Hand Stamped Fabric
Step by step tutorial from Creative Kismet.

Use Clear Stamps to Texture Air Dry Clay
Use clear unmounted stamps to create textured surfaces on air dry clay. The textured clay can be used to make ornaments, embellishments and many other things.

Use Heat Embossing as a Resist
The raised, glossy outline of a heat embossed image makes a great resist. When inks or watercolor paints are applied over the top of the embossed image, the shiny surface of the image 'resists' the color. This is a useful technique and can be used in many rubber stamping projects.

Use Rainbow Ink Pads to Create Marble Ink Effects
Use rainbow ink pads to create marbled effects when rubber stamping. This is a simple technique that can be used in many ways.

Use Rubber Stamps as Glass Painting Templates
Use rubber stamps as templates for glass painting. This is a simple way to transfer the image of your favorite rubber stamp onto glass and make lovely candle holders, light catchers or other glass items.

Using Calendar Templates
Calendar templates make great rubber stamping projects. Use rubber stamps to customize and decorate the calendars.

Using Hairspray as a Fixative
Interesting article on the About.com Painting site about the pros and cons of using hairspray as a fixative.

Wet Paper Emboss or Cast
This highly effective technique is quick and simple to do and is suitable for youngsters as well as adults. Wet toilet paper embossing is also known as casting. A rubber stamp is pressed into wet toilet paper, leaving a raised image. When the paper dries this subtle image is left and can be incorporated into a variety of projects.

Stamp or Print with a Feather
Use a feather to create beautiful prints. Stamping and printing with natural objects is an interesting way to produce unusual images that can be used in a variety of different projects.

How to Clean a Brayer
Keep your brayer in tip-top condition by ensuring that it is cleaned after use.

Simple Brayer Techniques
A brayer is a useful tool that can be used in many rubber stamping and papercraft projects. In addition to being a great way to add ink to large stamps, a brayer is also ideal for adding ink direct to paper and creating interesting background for a wide range of projects.

Make Lace Effect Decorated Candles with Rubber Stamps
Use your favorite rubber stamps and pieces of paper doily to create this attractive lace effect decorated candle. This is ideal for romantic meals, Valentine's Day gifts and for weddings.

Simple Kiss Technique to Stamp with Two or More Colors
Add more colors to your stamp using this simple kiss technique.

Make Hot Glue Embellishments
Stamp into hot glue to make wax or letter seal type embellishments.

Types of Embossing
Learn how easy it is to add embossing to your next card making or scrapbooking project. This is a fun way to add a design in relief to your page.

How to Use the Color Red in Your Rubber Stamping Projects
This is part of a series of articles looking at ways to use color in your projects. In this article we look at the color red.

Two Color Stamping - a Simple Technique to Add More Color to Your Projects
A simple technique to add color to your projects.

How to Use Embossing Paste
Learn how to add embossing paste to your handmade cards and paper craft projects.

Fill a Rubber Stamp Image with Doodles
Learn how to fill a rubber stamp image with doodles!

Fill Images with Decorative Paper - Easy Rubber Stamping Technique
Use papers to fill your rubber stamped images. This is a super-easy technique which will give you a variety of finished effects.

Stamping Without Rubber Stamps
Stamp without stamps! How to use objects such as potatoes and even fingerprints to create an impression on a page.

How to Stamp with Paper Tubes
The cardboard tubes which are found on the inside of paper rolls, such as kitchen and bathroom paper, are a great way to stamp shapes on paper. Find out how to in this article!

DIY Stamped Letter Beads Tutorial
Make your own alphabet beads to spell our names and other special words.

How to Stamp on a Curved Surface
How to stamp onto curved surfaces.

How to Stamp on Wood Embellishments
Make rubber stamped embellishments with wooden discs.

Other Surfaces for Rubber Stamping
Widen your rubber stamping horizons by trying new surfaces to stamp on.

Decoupage and Rubber Stamping
Learn how to combine rubber stamping and decoupage to great effect.

Doodle Heart Card Embellishment
Fill a simple shape with doodles to make an attractive embellishment for a handmade card

Digital Stamp Frames for Rubber Stamping and Digital Stamping Projects
Use digital stamp frames to make cards and scrapbook pages.

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