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How to Make Rubber Stamped Bookmarks

A Quick and Easy Rubber Stamping Project


Rubber stamped bookmark

Rubber stamped bookmark

Kate Pullen

A quick and easy rubber stamping idea is creating bookmarks. While rubber stamping bookmarks is a simple project, it is also makes a lovely and thoughtful gift. A bookmark can be as simple as a piece of card that is decorated with a few rubber stamped images through to highly ornate versions using many rubber stamping techniques and richly decorated with embellishments. Hand stamped bookmarks also make a great promotional item for small companies – particularly when stamped with the company logo or name.

Making Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be made from many different materials including paper, cardstock and fabric - the main requirement is that they are thin and flat so they do not damage the pages of books. Rubber stamping is an ideal way to decorate and customize bookmarks. Leave the finished bookmark as it is, or laminate it to give it extra protection. Bookmarks can also be threaded with ribbon or yarns which are both decorative and practical as they will hang from the book. For more embellishments, decorate the bookmarks with beads or buttons. Rubber stamped images that have been stamped onto shrink plastic and shrunk into charm sized decorations would also make a great decorations.

Bookmarks can be any shape or size and the size can vary depending on the stamped design. As this is also a project that is ideal for using up odds and ends, the size of paper available can also help to determine the design.


There are some bookmark templates that provide a good base for many projects. These are easy to adapt and can be sized up or down on a computer, printer or photocopier. Some templates come with a 'v' shape that allows the bookmark to be hooked over a page in a book. This 'v' can easily be replaced with a hole for ribbons or yarn, or left out completely if required. Take a look at our own Bookmark Templates for some ideas for bookmarks that have been designed with plenty of room for stamping!

Calendar Bookmarks

Calendar bookmarks make great gifts and are fun rubber stamping projects. This 2010 Bookmark Calendar Template can be used with many rubber stamping techniques to make unusual and great bookmarks.

Tips For Rubber Stamping Bookmarks

Creating hand stamped bookmarks is quick and simple to do. Here are some tips and ideas:

  • Techniques – bookmarks are small and quick to do making them an ideal way to practice new techniques without wasting materials
  • Embellishments – it is best to use embellishments that will lie flat on the bookmark
  • Laminating – laminating the bookmark will give it added strength and help to protect it, however lamination may alter the finished effect and in particular may change the way that embossing appears on the bookmark
  • Coloring Medium – it is best to laminate bookmarks that have been colored with chalks or other non permanent coloring methods as these may smudge onto the pages of the book

Selling or Giving Away Bookmarks

Bookmarks make a great gift and they are also good low cost items to sell at craft markets or online. When making rubber stamped items to sell or give away it is important to check the 'Angel Policy' of the stamp manufacturing company. Some companies have a restriction on how the stamps can be used and whether the items that have been created using their stamps can be sold.

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