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4th July Cupcake Flags Template


4th July Cupcake Flags Template
4th July Cupcake Flags Template

4th July Themed Cupcake Flags

Kate Pullen

These little flags are perfect for making flag toppers for your 4th of July cupcakes. These little flags would also work well as tiny bunting to decorate your Independence Day party table or add to scrapbook pages.

The flags are in outline so you can add your own color. Use marker pens, pencils or paints to create your own unique flags. Keep to the red, white and blue theme or use completely different colors to create a different look for your decorations.

To use these printable 4th of July themed cupcake flags simply print the template onto plain paper. Decorate and color the flags. Then fold the shape in two so that the points meet and sandwich a cocktail stick or craft stick at the fold of the paper. Glue the two sides together to attach the flag to the stick.

To Download the 4th of July Cupcake Flags

Click on the image above to open the full size version of the image and then right click to save the template onto your computer. Alternatively click on the link below to go to the full size version of this image.

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