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Back to School Bookplate


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Free Printable Back to School Bookplate or Frame
Free Printable Bookplates or Frames

Free Printable Bookplates or Frames

Kate Pullen
These free printable 'This Book Belongs To' bookplates or frames are ideal for making your own special name plates to identify school books and folders. The bookplates are available in png and jpg formats and are available for download on the next pages. These images are easy to resize on your computer as required. Add a rubber stamp image or two to the bookplates to customize them further. In this image I used a character stamp to add a cute touch to the finished bookplate.

Stamp: Magnolia

More Back to School Projects

Backpack Kids

The backpack kids digital stamps and other images are perfect for making back-to-school themed projects:
  • Backpack Kids Digital Stamps - the four Backpack Kids characters are available in jpg and png formats (the png format has a transparent background which is ideal if you want to combine them with other digital stamps), with a 'Back to School is Cool' sentiment
  • Backpack Kids Pocket Card - use the Backpack Kids digital stamps to make this pocket card with lots of pockets for special notes
  • Backpack Kids 'This Belongs To' - add these to books, files and other items to provide identification

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