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Free Cone Template in Two Sizes


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Free Cone Template in Two Sizes - Large
Cone Template

Cone Template - Large

Kate Pullen

Paper cones are very versatile and can be used in many stamping projects. While they are easy to make using a compass or by simply drawing around a circular item, there are times when a template is the quickest and most convenient way. Our cone template is available in two sizes. If you want to make your own cone without using this template, simply draw a semi circle onto a piece of paper and fold the straight edges together.

A smaller sized cone template is on the next page - Small Cone Template.

To print the template, simply click on the image above to open the full size version of the template. Then right click on that image and select 'Save Image' to save onto your computer. Print as required.

Tips for Using Templates

  • To save paper, print onto scrap paper and then draw around the template onto best paper or cardstock. This will allow you to place the templates in a way that wastes the least amount of paper.
  • Keep templates filed with a note of the website address. This will help you find the page again if you need to (or save the url in your bookmarks).
  • Most templates can be sized up or down on a printer or photocopier

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