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Blank Bunting Template


Blank Bunting Templates
Blank Bunting Template

Blank Bunting Template

Kate Pullen

Make your own custom bunting using this blank bunting template. This is perfect for special parties and other celebrations.

To use this bunting template simply print the template onto plain paper. Decorate the pennant shapes using rubber stamps and other embellishments or, for a quick finish, cut the shapes from decorative or scrapbook paper. To finish the bunting punch holes in the top corners and thread the bunting onto string or ribbon or fold the top edge of the bunting over and use tape or glue to adhere the bunting into place.

To Download the Bunting Template

Click on the image above to open the full size version of the image and then right click to save the template onto your computer. Alternatively click on the link below to go to the full size version of this image.

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