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Six Free Gift Tag Templates


Six Free Gift Tag Templates - Printable PDF
Six Gift Tag Templates (download the pdf file below)

Six Gift Tag Templates (download the pdf file below)

Kate Pullen

This template includes six different gift tag shapes that can be used for a variety of projects. Use this template to make your own custom gift tags for special gifts or make gift tags to embellish scrapbook pages, handmade cards or other projects. The shapes are easy to cut out from paper or cardstock. To create a different look to your git tags then try cutting them out using decorative edge scissors.

Download PDF File

This template is in a PDF format to make it easy for you to print. Simply click this link to take you to the PDF page - Six Free Gift Tag Templates.

Tips for Using Gift Tag Templates

  • Print the template onto scrap paper and use this as a template to transfer onto good quality card or paper. This will allow you to arrange the templates to make maximum use of your paper.
  • Store the printed templates in an envelope or file so you can use them for other projects.
  • Use your favorite stamps to decorate the gift tags to match handmade cards or gift wrap.
  • Jazz up the gift tags by attaching them with bright ribbons or fancy yarns.
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More Free Printable Templates

Here is a selection of free printable templates for you to enjoy! Don't forget, you can add digital stamps to templates and this is a quick way add decoration to the finished item.
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