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Folded Paper Heart


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Folded Paper Heart
Folded Paper Heart

Folded Paper Heart

Kate Pullen

This folded paper heart is created from a single piece of rectangular paper. The finished heart will work well as an embellishment for handmade card and scrapbook pages.

Folded Paper Heart Instructions

Step by step instructions for making this folded paper heart are detailed on the following pages. All you need to make this heart is a single piece of rectangular paper. The shape and size of the heart will vary depending on the dimensions of the rectangle you use. I used a strip of paper that was twice as wide as long. Rubber stamps are a great way to decorate the paper and produce your own custom designs. I rubbed an ink pad around the edges of the finished heart to emphasize the shape. There are many other ways of decorating the finished heart including adding glitter glue or other sparkling embellishments.

Tips for Making Folded Paper Hearts

Here are some tips for making folded paper hearts:
  • Stamp the paper before folding to achieve a uniform stamping effect
  • Practice first using scrap paper
  • Use a light weight paper, this is easier to fold and will create a heart that is not too bulky
  • Add a dab of glue to the back of the heart to hold the folded corners in shape

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