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Rhoda Design Studio

Share Your Story: Digital Stamp Companies Share Their Story

By Rhoda Design Studio

Rhoda Design Studio

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Digital Stamps, Clip Art, Graphics, and Illustrations


About my stamps and other information

My designs are created at 300 dpi and sized at a default of 6 inches. They can be resized up or down without distorting. Rhoda Design Studio graphics can be used for personal and commercial use as long as credit is given. Link backs to my Etsy Shop or blog work great! I am looking for Creative Design Team members. Details are on my blog:


Tips and Tricks

  • Resize png images on a new document to print out for your paper projects.
  • Create party invitations, baby shower invitations, and more by layering images with text and a background in a photo editing program.
  • Create cute buttons on your blog using png files and a link.

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