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Readers Respond: Share Your Favorite Father's Day Sentiments with Others!

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Do you have a favorite sentiment or greeting for a Father's Day card to share? Whether it's a short poem, quotation or even a joke, finding the right words for a Father's Day card can make all the difference. Share your favorite Father's Day sentiments with others!

I love my daddy

I love you Daddy very much you cared and played with me since i eas a little child. I know so i will have to care for you (since you are getting old) I love you very much
—Guest Abby

For the Best Dad in the World

Ever since I started making my own cards I've always used the same words - for the best dad in the world. I very the card designs though, and this year I have stamped an image of a globe and I am going to decorate this with some photos.
—Guest Mary Manners

Words for Dad

I love this quote from Bill Crosby - "Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope" . That reminds me how dad always used to smile what ever we gave him (he had a large collection of amusing ties that I don't' believe he ever wore!). I put this quote in a card that I made last year with a picture of a tie stamped on it as a reminder of childhood years.
—Guest SarahC

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